Space Birds is a 100% free game for Android devices, such as Smartphone, Tablets and all of
other devices that have Android OS. you can play many other games like angry birds and happy birds
but Space Birds is a simple and attractive game for both childern and young.

Download Now for Android:

Character of Games:

Flying Bird,
Green Eggs,
Red Eggs.

How to Play?
Whenever you play game, in the left side of your screen you see a flying bird, and on the
right side two types of eggs are coming toward the left side, one is green eggs and other
is the red eggs. You can move the flying bird by touching the screen. target of the game is
catch the green eggs while leaving the red eggs, if you touch the red eggs then game is over,
and if you miss the green eggs more than 10 times then also game is over.
In the top of the screen, left side you see the score of the game, means your catching the
green eggs, one number for one green eggs. on the top right side you see the miss green eggs count,
if it reach to 10, then game is over.

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